What is the minimum and maximum period of a lease?

Minimum period is 1 year and the maximum is 4 years.

Can I purchase the car at the end of the lease period?

Yes - There are several options that enable you to do this.

Do you offer lease to own options?

Yes - Based on a maximum lease period of four years.

Do you offer trade-in options?

Yes - Our Kanoo Pre-owned vehicle division offers the service one can contact us via our website on www.kpvbahrain.com

Do you offer short term rental or chauffeur services?

Yes - Our Kanoo Daily rental division offers the service one can contact us via our website on www.kdrbahrain.com

Is maintenance/service/insurance/registration included?

Yes - Routine servicing, maintenance, insurance, replacement vehicle, tyre replacement and 24hour roadside assistance are included.

What is the range of manufacturers offered by KVL?

KVL can source almost any vehicle to suit your needs and budgets from small to luxury sedans and commercial vehicles ranging from pickups, water tankers, forklifts, cherry pickers and so on.

Can you offer leasing based on mileage options?

Yes - A dynamic leasing option can be provided based on customer needs and usage.

Is Smoking allowed inside the vehicle?

All vehicles provided are non-smoking, in case the vehicle has been used otherwise then a minimum Ziebart cleaning charge would be applicable.

Can I carry my pets in the Leased vehicle?

Vehicles interior are prone to internal damages by pets, repair costs will be charged back to clients

Can I take my vehicle to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA NOC)

Yes – Maximum coverage or usage allowed will be into KSA only, subject to approval by E.K. Kanoo management. A KSA NOC can be requested online from the website.

Where do I take the vehicle to be serviced?

You can take your vehicle to any of E.K. Kanoo or MotorCity dealership service centers located across Bahrain. Location of dealership service centers is available from our website.

What happens in case of an accident?

In case of an accident a replacement vehicle can be brought to you on site if your vehicle is not mobile. A police report needs to be provided prior to exchange of the accident unit, to account for the damages. It is also advisable to click photographs of the incident from ones cell phone at different angles for supporting in case the vehicle has to be moved and taken to the police station for further documentation. Once a police report is ready please call our 24 hour service contact numbers located on our contact page.

: 112
National Emergency Call Center
: 999
Traffic Police
: 199
Emergency – Casualty Bureau
: 990
Emergency – Criminal Investigations (CID)
: 992
Emergency - Coast Guards (CGD)
: 994
Child Helpline: (Children Protection Centre)
: 998
For Fire Accidents
: 997
Violence against Women
: 17870302
For household emergencies
: 8000 1810
Police Stations:
East Riffa Police Station
: 17773158
West Riffa Police Station
: 17664606
Exhibition Road Police Station
: 17550629
Hawar Police Station
: 17849009
Hidd Police Station
: 17671212
Hoora Police Station
: 17291555
Naim Police Station
: 17258210
Samaheej Police Station
: 17334401
Umm-Al Hasam Police Station
: 17728229
Zallaq Police Station
: 17631211
Police Directorate:
Capital Governorate Police Directorate
: 17291555
Muharraq Governorate Police Directorate
: 17348222
Northern Governorate Police Directorate
: 17414292
Central Governorate Police Directorate
: 17687999
Southern Governorate Police Directorate
: 17664606
Airport Police Directorate
: 17330515
King Fahad Causeway Police Directorate
: 17796555
Ministry of Interior
: 17572222-17390000
The General Directorate of Nationality, Passport and Resident
: 17399777
Al Hilal Hospital
: 17344700
American Mission Hospital
: 17253447
Awali Hospital
: 17704040
Bahrain Defense Force Hospital
: 17766555
Bahrain Specialist Hospital
: 17812000
Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital
: 17828282/17828230
International Hospital of Bahrain
: 17598222/17598200
Royal Bahrain Hospital
: 17246800
Salmaniya Medical Complex
: 17246769/17277248

What should I do if I am fined by the traffic directorate?

All fines are payable by the client to KVL as the same is paid directly to the Ministry Of Interior by KVL. There may be instances where the end user presence is required by Bahrain court for selective offences that KVL will advise accordingly.

What do I do when returning the vehicle?

One may return the lease vehicle to KVL Lease office. It is important to provide a police report for damages if any on the vehicle and any personal belonging needs to be removed from the vehicle by the end user. Any unaccounted damages will be charged back accordingly. A check sheet will be provided indicating the date and time of return as documentation proof